Meet the Artist

I have been creating artwork all of my life, surrounded by creative people.


My Dad, who was also an amazing artist, had a huge influence on me creatively and imaginatively and my Grandmother and Aunt were wonderful artists in their own right.


As my Creative Voice changes and matures, I find my greatest desire is to still keep a sense of wonder in every piece that I do while sharing personal insights and inspirations.


While I work mainly in acrylic and watercolor, the future holds the promise of some mixed media pieces and possibly moving beyond the realm of two dimensional art. 


I feel greatly inspired and moved by the animal world and am constantly amazed at the bond formed between human and animal when love and respect is present.


One of my goals is to explore and represent the beauty of animals, not only at a physical level, but a spiritual one, as well.


My fascination of history and myth also leads me to create images that involve characters and designs of my own choosing, but influenced by history, its art, its myths and by the many personalities of past centuries that never cease to interest and amuse me.