18" x 24"  Acrylic on Canvas - Framed.

The Innkeeper

  • During the 18th c. many women owned and ran Taverns, as well as many other businesses. I have always been inspired by Colonial Inns and the activities surrounding them. Used for many things like lodging, meals, to rent a horse, for social gatherings such as cock fights and drinking parties, romantic rendezvous, and political gatherings. I have included some symbols in my painting to reflect some of the many faces of a working colonial tavern. The rooster represents the cock fighting so popular during the 18th c. with the almost strictly male clientele, since women were largely unwelcome at the Inns, unless traveling with male companions or family members. The rooster is also a sexual metaphor for the men themselves. The bottle of Mediera and the mugs are the most obvious, and the keys signify the lodging. She wears a miniature portrait of a man, who was or is probably a lover. The sign behind her shows a white horse (the name of the inn) and represents the lodging and rental of those also. Although women were known to inherit inns from deceased husbands, more were known to reject married life and go into business for themselves. Something to be admired in the very male dominated colonial society!