The Beginning Of A New Journey

As an artist, and particularly, as a woman, I continue to experience"new beginnings". We all do. It is a part of life. Changes are inevitable.

This year, for example, at 51 years of age, I moved halfway across the continent with my husband who had gotten a new job.

This was something we both had dreamed of for many in Williamsburg, Virginia as he pursued his dream of working for Colonial Williamsburg in their gunshop as a gunsmith.

I simply dreamed of living in Williamsburg and having the chance to really pursue my art and focusing only on that, without giving my best energy to a conventional job and making the art second.

Well, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. :) Life is not only about new beginnings but, also, profound self-discovery. Finding out that working with other people can be frustrating but also a blessing. Finding out that working alone takes commitment and discipline. Finding out that working as an artist can be an extremely lonely business.

Add to that mix, the enjoyment of watching your body change, (and not in a good way), experiencing personal emotional episodes that are something akin to watching a train wreck. Looking on in horror but being completely powerless to stop it. ;) It has been almost seven months and I am still trying to get on track. I am hoping this blog helps with that.

Creatively, we as artists, need to connect with our collectors and fellow artists. That is why, ultimately, we create. To get our ideas out into the world and to share our own unique vision and insights. Art touches people. That fuels the drive to continue what we do and the fact that creating is, simply, fun. ;)

The painting in this week's post is incredibly symbolic in so many ways. It is a piece I started a couple of years ago when I was beginning to feel the stirrings of a new life-phase for me. Sort of a quasi-self portrait, (more spiritual than physical), I included things that have had meaning for me most of my life, (the red fox, the forest, the color blue), and newer things like the blackbird feather, her hair graying with age. She keeps some of her youthful features but even they are touched with creases and changes and as this piece continues to evolve, so do I.

I thank all of you, who have supported me in the past and continue to support me, as well as, the ones who are just discovering and connecting with my unique brand of art. I thank you for sharing in and coming along with me on this newest, somewhat exciting, somewhat perplexing, Journey.

Life, definitely, is an Adventure.


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