The Process of Birthing

"Journey Of The Creative Soul" ©

Angela Beth Clark McDonal

This week, my Mom is visiting us here in Williamsburg from the Midwest. Time with her is precious, since moving so far away, I don't get to see her much. As my mind tends to follow a fairly erratic path at times connecting dots like a pursued rabbit running a zig-zag pattern, thoughts of my Mom this morning, led to thoughts of birth.

Birth takes many forms. Not only in the literal sense, but also in the creative realm as well, not to mention any major change in life. Thinking back on our move to Virginia, the packing, tying up loose ends, selling off unwanted things, going through 18 years of accumulated stuff caused some serious stress and extreme discomfort not unlike labor pains. But that necessary painful stage produced a new beginning, an exciting new Journey.

As any creative person will tell you, whether it be painting, writing, music, sculpture, dancing, ot any other creative pursuit, each new idea for creative expression is very much like conceiving and carrying a child. First the seed of an idea, slowly expands and grows, before it is time to begin pushing that idea out into it's visualized form. This always comes with discomfort at some point. Or many times during the process. The end result, however, is always something beautiful. A new creation that has been born and is ready to be sent off into the world to enrich the lives of everyone that experiences it.

Although it may take years for our creative "babies" to leave home and do what they were meant to do, (I have many such "babies" still waiting to find their way), they eventually do. One way or the other. And there are always new "babies" being added to the brood.

"Journey Of The Creative Soul" is a piece that glorifies and recognizes that creative life. That thing we as artists are called to do. Create. Bring new visions into existence. The woman, the Creative Soul is surrounded by symbols of the many influences and methods of creating. She is indeed pregnant, soon to birth the next exciting creation. The green handprint across her belly is a Native American symbol showing the Great Creator touching mankind and being a part of his creativity. The color green is, of course, the color of new life and growth.

It wasn't in the Plan for me to birth any real children but I can relate to the experience in a small way through the art that I bring into existence. When I am old and gray, although I may not be surrounded by a large family of human beings, I will be surrounded by the knowledge that I have brought new ideas and images into the world for others to enjoy and love and perhaps influence their own creative birthings.


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