A Glimpse Of My Creative Process

Last week I talked about creating as a process similar to giving birth. The idea is conceived, nurtured, fed with visual reference and other influences, pushed out into the world with struggle and sometimes pain with every line drawn and stroke painted. But of course, there is joy along the way too, the excitement and pleasure of using one's hands, (in my case), to make something a part of reality. Something that can be shared. Something that, at first, was just an image in my mind's eye. I guess, that is the greatest part of creating. Taking something that was only visible to me and making it visible to everyone else.

The photo above shows one of my current Works In Progress. The quick sketch on the left to get the idea and elements I want down on paper. The small pics that I am using for reference for the background, (loosely), and the final drawing I will use and transfer to Aquabord for the final painting.

In this world of Walmarts and instant gratification, I feel, as an artisan, it is important to remind us all that art is brought about with hours upon hours of hard work. Like a writer who has to do many re-writes before the final manuscript can be sent to the publisher, there are multiple erasings and re-draws, as well as re-painting in some instances that the final piece will never admit to. Something the viewer will never know.

My intention with all of this is to enlighten. The next time you see a piece of art that excites you, think about the hours of skilled labor and knowledge that created it. The time spent making sure that this final creation was perfect and acceptable to the artist who created it. And, ultimately, for you, the viewer.

And for me, the artist, the pleasure really is in the process. It can be difficult and frustrating at times but I love it just the same. :)

Thanks to all of you for supporting me in creating my art.


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