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My Story

     I am Beth Clark-McDonal, a whimsical artist, as well as, a pet portrait artist. I grew up in Iowa on the Mississippi River to supportive parents and a Dad who was also an amazing artist and a huge influence on me creatively and imaginatively.   
     While still in High School, I had the great honor to tutor under world renowned watercolorist, Ralph Iaccarino and after High School, I attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL earning my Associates Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design.
     Since then I have spent my life exploring and growing my creative "voice" working primarily in acrylics and watercolor. 
     I am inspired by animals, nature and whimsical characters from stories and my own imagination. My delight in whimsy has fueled my current body of work incorporating animals placed against colorful and patterned backgrounds with each animal wearing a gold crown or golden "halo". 
     One of my goals is to explore and represent the beauty of animals, not only on a physical level but a spiritual one, as well. 
     I currently live in S. E. Virginia, with my husband and two cats, Boone and Crockett who are a constant source of inspiration, companionship and joy. 

**Two Muses Art is named for my two sister cats Kenzie and Storm who have both crossed the Rainbow Bridge and whom I miss terribly but am certain, are still Musing me from the Other Side. :)


*All art and images copyright 2024© Angela Beth Clark-McDonal.
                         Do not use without permission.  


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